Corporate Culture

It’s wise to capture and adapt to the trends of the times.

While the world has ushered in unprecedented changes,

China is striding into a new era.

For more than 50 years,

We have always been following the leadership of the party and staying true to the mission.

We have been always playing the strongest voice of the times.

From gaining momentum to galloping across the globe,

it has always been the hard work of generations of Shaanxi Automobile staff.

From the hard work of entrepreneurship to dual-wheel drive journey today, 

our dream of dedicating to our nation by developing at a high quality will definitely come true.

The future has come.

Those who aim to travel thousands of miles shall not halt in the middle of the journey.

Jointly, we will build a bright future and a win-win cause with you.

Chairman: Yuan Hongming
Renown with Virtues is the essence of our corporate culture.  For every single employee, Virtue means to do correct things with his own initiative; for the leadership, it means to make the most of both internal and external resources against a background of fierce market competition.
  • To customers
    Focus on product life cycle and customers operation process, providing excellent products, integrated solutions whlile constantly create and improve customer values.
  • To employees
    Be people-oriented, fully respect and recognize employees, maximize the potentials and creativity of employees and let the employees grow together with the company.
  • To partners and society
    Sincere cooperation, mutual development, pursuit of win-win and create excellence to serve the needs of country, support national economic construction and national defense construction. Manufacturing environmental-friendly products, leading the low-carbon economy.
  • To shareholders and government
    Create attractive returns for shareholders and realize sustained, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.
dedication, study, integrity and innovation
◎Company vision: develop with users and grow with employees
◎Company mission: to create greater value for society, to provide better services for users, to create more returns for shareholders and to provide a development platform for employees.
◎Company aim: be customer-centered.
◎Core values: people first, create excellence to serve the country, the pursuit of excellence and the trend to high-end.
◎Work philosophy: work makes me happy.
◎Operation philosophy: Renown with Virtues, Leading by service, Success with quality.
◎Management philosophy: make communication easier.
◎Quality philosophy (dual-excellence philosophy): aim to customer satisfactory to produce the best products and provide the best service in the industry.
◎Service concep: close to market, always put users in mind, transposition consideration, and sincere service.