China’s success at the International “Military Automotive experts” competition


In August of 2015, International military “Automotive experts” competition was held at one of Russia's military base. Hosted by Russia and with 33 countries participating, the main competition areas include driving skills, automotive repair skills and light weapon firing skills. After comparison and selection, 6 different SHACMAN vehicle models totaling 9 vehicles represented China at this competition. The vehicles enter the water wading driving, off-road obstacle driving and automotive repair skills competition, placing 1st 6 times and finishing 2nd overall.

SHACMAN was the first military off-road production base in China. Its Yanan 250 off-road vehicles represent the of birth of China’s heavy-duty military vehicles. SHACMAN’s military production increased year by year and the product range has widened to trailer, arms carrying, heavy weapon transport, communication command, logistics support and other areas; making great contributions to China's national defense construction.

Since the construction of the three assembly line plant in 1968, SHACMAN has been developing and producing varies trailer and heavy weapon transport off-road vehicles for various military branches with the most advanced heavy-duty off-road military vehicle technology platform. The vehicles include 3.5 ton, 5 ton, 7-8 ton, 15 ton, 25/40 ton and 60 ton vehicle series. Currently over 50 thousand SHACMAN military vehicles are currently in use, obtaining 90% of the market share.

Today, with market demand, domestic and foreign resources and standard regulations as traction, SHACMAN has build up the enterprise as the main body and with research and development system from universities / research institutions, professional design companies, suppliers, industrial technology alliances, overseas R & D institutions and governments, has established a unique four dimensional science and technology innovation system of "Product and technology strategy, Application technology research, Product platform construction and Application engineering ". The company currently owns 5 vehicle R & D centers and  more than 10 special vehicles and parts research institutions.

In recent years, SHACMAN, based on investigation, research, drawing on the successful experience of the first generation Yanan 250 and the second generation SX2190 series of military off-road vehicle development and through absorption of foreign technologies, is currently developing the third generation of high mobility off-road military vehicles. SHACMAN military vehicles will forever move towards the directions of high mobility, high survivability, high technology, high reliability and high adaptability.