2015 Peru mining machinery exhibition: SHACMAN products drawing much attention


From September 21st to 25th, SHACMAN’s dump and cement mixer trucks participated in the 2015 Peru mining machinery exhibition held in the city of Arequipa. As Peru's largest mining exhibition, the exhibition is held once every two years with over 300 attending parties from world renown commercial vehicle brands, mining machinery and equipment manufacturers and various parts suppliers. Over 100,000 visitors from around the region visited this 5 day event.

“The SHACMAN brand is very well known here locally. Our company owns 5 SHACMAN F2000 dump trucks for 4 years now and other than normal maintenance we never had any problems with them. I took this opportunity and come to learn more about SHACMAN’s latest products and I am very satisfied after taking a look at the vehicles myself, we definitely will be purchasing more SHACMAN vehicles in the future.” One of the exhibition visitors told us. 

As an internationally well-known brand, SHACMAN, with quality products as well as perfect local after-sales service network, won unanimous praise from customers in Peru. Through this exhibition, more and more customers are getting to know more about the SHACMAN brand.

With the gradual warming of the global economy, Peru and South America's mining industry is expected to quickly grow once again. The success of the Peru International Mining Exhibition will drive the growth of South American mining machinery and transportation equipment procurement needs leading to ever increasing influence of the SHACMAN brand.