SSHACMAN tours Malaysia


On June 29th, 2016, SHACMAN personnel and local 4S shop held a grand dinner celebration in Port Klang to open up a fresh outlook, along with SHACMAN’s Port Klang exhibition tour to celebrate the upcoming "new year" together with the Malaysian people.


June was a month of unbearable summer heat in Malaysia, but the hot weather didn’t stop SHACMAN’s enthusiasm and the arrival of the guests. Over 300 guests showed up to the dinner celebration, including old and new friends of SHACMAN.

The SHACMAN X3000 6x4 trailer truck was equipped with tire pressure monitoring system and the M3000 6x4 trailer truck was equipped with AMT transmission. Other numerous advancements bring care, safety and comfort to SHACMAN vehicle drivers. Many potential users gave the vehicles a positive review after personally testing the exhibition vehicles.

The dinner celebration was a scene of laughter and applause along with a raffle event where guests were able to win prizes such as SHACMAN polo shirts, key chains, umbrellas and other memorable items. This event was a huge success in that it closed the relationship between SHACMAN and the Malaysian people, allowing our guests to experience the sincerity and love from SHACMAN. This event also greatly expanded SHACMAN’s brand awareness and market influence, laying a solid foundation in and around Port Klang.