Malaysia interactive promotion tour



       Recently the SHACMAN new product interactive promotion and exhibition was held at the Klang, the largest port city in Malaysia. This event was sponsored in part by both SHACMAN and local dealers. This event specifically targets high-end logistics customers and specifically invited local logistics company owners as well as drivers to the event.


Port Klang is located near the mouth of the Klang River between Penang and Singapore, at the center of the Malacca Strait and is a key avenue of trade between Malaysia and Singapore.


During the promotional event, SHACMAN promoted its latest product, the X3000 6x4 and 6x2 AMT transmission trailer truck with rear axle lift to the attending guests. X3000 vehicles are the latest and greatest of the SHACMAN family; bring unprecedented efficiency, dependability, safety, intelligence and comfort. For targeting the Malaysian market, SHACMAN customized the vehicles to include a high front bumper, LED front lights and a new face lift design.

SHACMAN sales representatives presented and explained the advantages of the vehicles and answered questions the customers had about the vehicles. Through test drives and other promotional activities, the truck drivers were able to personally experience the excellence of the SHACMAN X3000. This event has brought much attention to the SHACMAN brand in Malaysia. SHACMAN will continue to take advantage of the market opportunities and develop its relations and products with local customers. SHACMAN will also continuously improve its products quality and technology, bringing to Malaysia its best and latest.