Pakistan International Engineering Machinery Expo


On March 13th, the 3 day Pakistan International Engineering Machinery Expo was held in the southern economical capital of Karachi. SHACMAN alone with its local dealer attended the expo with the M3000 series trailer truck, leaving a deep impression among the guests present.

The SHACMAN M3000 vehicle was equipped with SHACMAN’s golden power chain; Weichai/Cummins engine with great and reliable power, FAST transmission with great balance and easy operation, Hande MAN axle with excellent loading capacity and efficiency. The vehicle also looks great from the outside and is easily recognized on the road. The interior is also redesigned to resemble luxury sedans. The body of the truck utilizes many lightweight components to reduce overall vehicle weight as well as increasing ride comfort. The many advantages of the M3000 vehicle was widely applauded by those attending the expo.

The expo also brought many large oil and gas logistical company whom paid very close attention to the SHACMAN vehicle and when SHACMAN introduced the M3000 trailer trucks they expressed interest and couldn’t wait the test the new vehicle. Many of the attendees were also very happy and loyal SHACMAN customers who have used SHACMAN vehicles in the past and present for all sorts of projects. The of the customers said: “ I have used SHACMAN vehicle trucks for many years now and I have to say they have great quality and great aftermarket service, seeing SHACMAN vehicles here on display I feel very close and attached and I hope that SHACMAN will continue to built great trucks.”

This expo increased local brand recognition of the SHACMAN brand, and SHACMAN hopes to carry the momentum created by this event forward to further develop the Pakistan market and use our great products and superior services to win the market.