Product breakthrough, superior service



Dec 18, 2014, the 2015 Annual Conference was held at the Xi’an Qujiang International Exhibition Center. The theme of this year’s conference was “Product breakthrough, superior service” centering around “Customer-centric” and “Products and service integration”, bring overall solutions and maximizing values for our customers.



During this meeting, the SHACMAN X3000 was officially launched to the market. This high-end heavy truck was developed based on customer demand characteristics, making the product more suitable, efficient, economical, light weight, durable, relaxed, safe and intelligent. Mr. Fang Hongwei describe this product as “the embodiment of service oriented manufacturing and end result of high products and services integration. It should be said that this is more of a complete product + service solution rather than a brand new series products.”



In 2015, SHACMAN will make full use of the advantages of service oriented manufacturing, integration advantages of resources, joint parties and build an logistics ecosystem with heavy truck products as the core, seize the customer’s highest values, creating a first class enterprise.