Russian office promote upgrading of after-sales service and actively respond to market weakness


Recently, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import& Export Co. Ltd. Russian office in cooperation with Weichai Russian officeengaged in engine and electrical pipeline technical training for the southwestMoscow regional service station. This was done to actively respond to theRussian market weakness and to further enhance the quality of after saleservice.


Through the uses of power pointpresentations, interactive Q&As and hands on field operations, the trainingsession focused on the electrical lines of Cummings and Weichai engine commonfailures and repair methods. Overseas product service policy, Euro V technologycharacteristics were also introduced and questions raised by the servicestation staff were fully answered. After the training, many positive feedbackswere given by the service station personnel and hoped that these types oftraining would become the norm.


Russia’s SHACMAN office will continue tocarry out similar trainings in other cities and areas in order to improve theservice quality of the overseas market, to raise awareness and reputation ofthe SHACMAN brand and to lay the foundation for a market rebound.